5-Star Review: We were thrilled to find a school that exceeded our expectations in every way

by 30 Jul 2023Reviews on Google

We were thrilled to find a school that exceeded our expectations in every way. Rainbow Montessori is an absolute gem, offering exactly what we had been searching for. The teachers at this school are not only exceptionally kind but also highly skilled educators. We are particularly drawn to the Montessori program, and it is a joy to see the entire staff, including the children, fully dedicated to their roles, even participating in activities like cooking and cleaning. Our daughter’s experience at this school is truly enchanting. She comes home every day singing songs and imitating her day at school, which is a testament to the engaging and stimulating environment provided. Additionally, she formed wonderful friendships with her classmates, and we, as parents, are delighted to forge meaningful connections with other families. The daily pick-up and drop-off routine became an opportunity to connect with a vibrant community composed of other children, parents, and teachers. It is heartwarming to witness the sense of togetherness and support that permeated the atmosphere. All in all, this school provides an exceptional educational experience that will leave a lasting impression on our family. We wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a nurturing and enriching environment for their child.

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