5-Star Review: Rainbow Montessori House Phuket is a True Montessori Kindergarten

by 14 Jul 2023Reviews on Google

We were looking for a true montessori kindergarden for our daughter in Phuket. At home we follow the montessori method so we knew what to look for. This place ticked all the boxes. We have enrolled our daughter and that turned out to be a very good decision. She has learnt so much. The teachers are very well prepared, professinal, kind and effective. A mix hard to find. They can capture the children’s attention and able to maintain the little one’s interests. The days are very well organized, schedules are keptand everyday our daughter learns something new. The children are also helping in the kitchen, doing house chores, do their dishes and even cook sometimes. Just as it should be done in a Montessori house. Every day there is a different activity, nature walk, yoga, cooking and the highlight is visiting the pool. Our daughter loves it. She has also found her best friends there. The headmaster is very kind and paying attention to all details, the place is very well maintained and continously improved. Thank you Stuart, Prya, Tatoo, Pitu, Vita and the whole team. You are making an amazing job.

Geza Szabo on Google