Training Krabi 2022

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Great thanks to Stuart Nuth and Kannekar Butt and the International Montessori Academy Krabi that made that Sunday Montessori Training for all Phuket Rainbow Montessori Staff members and their partners possible. Kannekar Butt is the President of the Montessori Association Thailand that encourages Public Schools in Thailand to implement the Montessori Method and that is Host of the International Montessori Congress 2-5 August 2023 in Bangkok.

The Phuket Rainbow Montessori Team spend the weekend in November 2022 to learn more about each other (Team Building) and to learn more about how to implement Authentic Montessori in Thailand at the Phuket Kindergarten and Nursery. The RMS Team came back with lots of ideas and started the following Monday with a great motivation to bring back Authentic Montessori to Phuket. Phuket Rainbow Montessori is currently the only school with an AMI certified guide that focuses on Authentic Montessori Education in Phuket.