I was very impressed by the warm atmosphere

by 06 Feb 2024Reviews on Google

We came to Phuket for 2 months and searched for a place for our son to spend few hours a day in a safe and interactive space. The owner of the kindergarten was very kind and let us pay only for the days we actually went to classes (that was a new year period with long vacations) which was immediately taken as a good sign by us šŸ˜„ My son went to a toddler class where the staff is primarily young nice women, special thanks to our teacher Tattoo. We went through adaptation period quite easy (again thanks to the teachers) though the mornings were awful (it was difficult for my kid to say goodbye to me) but at the time I was coming to pick him up back home he was sometimes reluctant to go which I think means a lot. And I was very impressed by the warm atmosphere at the Christmas day where all the parents and their kids were enjoying a good time. Overall I think this kindergarten was a friendly and safe space for my child. By the way, my son learned how to count to five in English.

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